Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've come to a conclusion


I've had it in my mind for the past few months that GBS may not be for me.

Some of my family feels very strongly against the surgery, no doubt in regards to the fact that it is major surgery.

With this in mind, I've been going full force with my 1800 ADA diet and exercise. My doctor wants me to lose at least 6 lbs before my next visit with her in May.

My blood sugar has been great not to mention my body acts as though it likes me better at the moment. Even though these positive things have happened....I still have not lost any weight. And I am seriously giving this all I have!

It gets frustrating...just when I think I've got something that will work for me and help get this weight off...nothing happens!

Well, today I came to the realization that GBS is without a doubt a definite option for me. What helped me come to this conclusion, aside from the constant prayer about it, is a book called Before and After: Living and eating well after weight loss surgery, by Susan Maria Leach.

The author of this book describes in vivid detail her experience before, during and after her surgery. As she describes herself before the surgery, I feel as though she wrote about the feelings/situations that I go through on a daily basis.
Could it be true that my body would respond well to the surgery?

Well, on the 27th of this month, I will have weigh-in #2. I cannot believe that I only have 4 more months until I turn in all of my paperwork for insurance approval. To some, 4 months sounds long and dreadful...but to me...four months is not very far away!
My doctor will have to write a letter of recommendation for the surgery and I will retake the dietary class in June...then all I'll have to do is submit all of this to the surgeon's office and they will send it off for insurance approval.

I can only dream about how good I will finally feel in my own skin one of these days. I can only dream of the confidence and energy!

In the mean time, I will continue to pray for peace and patience.

Until next time....