Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's a "mental game"

After having gastric bypass, I knew I would have to change my habits forever. My eating habits, exercising habits, my thinking habits etc.
Old habits die hard. Habits can be embedded into your mind for YEARS, whether it's drinking a cup of coffee every morning for 20 years or eating while watching t.v. Naturally, bad habits just don't go away overnight.
It is a daily chore to make sure I put good 'nutritious fuel' into my body. Everything that passes my lips MUST be of good nutritious value...I have no leeway for anything else if I want my body to continue to work properly. Naturally, every once in awhile, I do partake of something very small and non-nutritious....but NOT often. This is a slippery slope and if I've learned nothing else, I've learned that it is easy to fall back into old habits. One Hershey kiss here....1/4 of a cookie there....and WHAM!!'re doing it again!

Anyhow, the reason for me posting this is simply for reflection sake. I NEVER want to go back to living the way I use to. This journey can be difficult at times...but boy is it well worth it!

6-7-08                                      9-22-10

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Alrighty, well as of this week I have officially lost 110 lbs!

As I wrote last week, I did do my two days of exercise and VERY much enjoyed them! One day I did Yoga/Pilates for 25 minutes and the other day I did my Wii fitness for 30+ minutes.
Also have been kicking butt with the low carbs, high protein and low fat eating.

This week has been good, the two times I did indulge this week it has been very small (serving size the size of my thumb) and I very much savored every bite.
As far as my exercising for this week....I haven't done a darn thing...and I will explain why:

Last Wednesday I sprained my ankle, I was on call for work of course. Basically, I was leaving a department store with my boyfriend, wasn't looking at where I was walking....tripped and fell off the sidewalk. I skinned by Rt knee *also ripped a hole in my jeans* and then landed sideways on my left ankle. Let's just say that there was a LOT of pain involved. I waited about an hour, elevated my ankle and my sweet boyfriend put ice on it. After I tried putting weight on it I about fell over again SO...I decided to go to the E.R. for an x-ray.

To my surprise I got in and out of the E.R. rather quickly. The doctor said there was no fracture, just a few pulled/torn ligaments. Sweet boyfriend dropped me off at my apartment then went to pick up my pain/anti-inflammatory medicine.

By the grace of God, I was not called in at all during the night for work....the next day at work was fun...let me tell ya. I got to hobble around the O.R. for 7 hours...not in the best of moods to say the least.
Although my ankle is not hurting like it did last week, it's still pretty sore. Still taking extra strength Tylenol when needed and ACE wrapping my ankle/foot for support.

I DO PROMISE to resume my exercising by at least the middle of next week.

Anyhow, that's all I've got for an update. Will write next week and let you know what's going on!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Nov 21st: 282 lbs *8 lb lost from preop diet*

***SURGERY NOV 24th***

Dec 24th: 256 lbs *26 lb lost*

Jan 24th: 241 lbs *15 lb lost*

Feb 24th: 227 lbs *14 lb lost*

Mar 24th: 213 lbs *14 lb lost*

Apr 24th: 208 lbs *5 lb lost*

May 24th: 200 lbs *8 lb lost*

Jun 24th: 193 lbs *7 lb lost*

Jul 24th: 187 lbs *6 lb lost*

Aug 24th: 184 lbs *3 lb lost*
So apparently the weight loss has slowed significantly...granted that I'm only 21 lbs away from my first goal weight. I need to reevaluate my eating habits...which will be easy since I track everything on
So far, I think I need to up my calories for right now.  Protein is great. Carbs I can probably decrease by around 20grams. Also, I need to increase my fiber.
Then there is exercise....
I know...I know...I NEED an exercise regimen...and I WANT an exercise regimen....
I know that I like Yoga...I know that I like
Okay, exercise goal #1: Exercise 2 days this week for 30 minutes a piece.
I will be accountable by posting on my exercises.
Alright everyone, wish me luck!