Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angry with myself

So for the past 3 weeks...I have not lost ANY weight. I have hovered around 184...and the scale won't move! I'm pretty sure I know why....

As far as nutrition goes....95% of everything I put in my body is nutritious high protein/low carb food.
Calories range between 850-1200 daily...i like to keep my body guessing. Protein always 85-120grams a day. Carbs on the other hand....I believe I am overindulging in. Namely the snacks...instead of reaching for a string cheese or almonds...I've been reaching for the crunchy Triscuits or a handful of Cheezits. Most days I stay under 75 carbs but the past few days I've hit 100 grams and even today 120grams.
I am ashamed of myself for even entertaining the carbs as I have. I mean really, I know my body LOVES protein...I know that it loves water...but when the 'time of the month' hits...I CRAVE carbs...it's unreal!
So anyhow, basically I need to cut the starchy carbs out and increase my water intake THEN I should start losing again.

Anyone else have issues with carbs??

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow..stumbled upon some OLD photos...

So I was looking through some older pics today....and it gave me some perspective....

Me last Sept 2009 at 290lbs

Me at my all time largest: 296lb

Me now at 184lbs

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy day!

This weekend, is our state's Tax-free weekend (tax free on clothes up to $100, books, computer stuff)

After rummaging around my closet, trying on outfit....after outfit....I realized that I have 2 maybe 3 articles of clothing that are not falling off of me.
SO....I went to Kohl's and Old Navy (looooove old navy) and found some awesome sales! Got some cute 3/4 sleeve short cardigans, LOTS of cute tank tops trimmed in dainty lace, a few long sleeve shirts and 2 pairs of jeans....and guess what.. one of them is a size 14!!  I think I was in 8th or 9th grade last time I wore a size 14.  Here is  one of my cute outfits:

Naturally I was on a shopping 'high' due to the awesome sales and my new found pant size...then all of a sudden raised my arms *an attempt to take this picture actually* and saw this:

Say hello to Myrtle...the bat wing...actually Myrtle is an identical twin, because her twin lives next door on my other upper arm. *sigh*  I realize this is a cosmetic worry...something absolutely silly. I mean, God has allowed me to lose 104 lbs so far! My health hasn't been this amazing in YEARS! And I'm worrying about my flabby arms?!  Yeah...(as I smack myself in the face)
Anyhow...this just makes me want to do some crazy upper arm workouts! Now I realize that it all won't tone up...but I'm hoping within the next few months that it will look much better.

Anyone have any tips on good upper arm workouts? I'm all ears!

Life is still awesome, and I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with!