Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Cheat meal" = bad idea!!

While at work yesterday, I had the 'genius' idea of having a "cheat meal" for dinner lastnight. I thought to myself, 'I deserve this! I've been so good for weeks and one little meal couldn't hurt, especially since I cannot eat much at one time anyways.' So I was hell bent on having my "cheat meal" lastnight. I thought and thought about what I wanted ...and I just really couldn't figure it out. *this should've been my first clue*
So I went to the store, walked down the 'forbidden aisles' was funny because the things I once thought were fabulous...just didn't sound appealing to me anymore.  So after walking around forever, I decided I wanted some potato chips for salty/crunchy, a slice of cake for sweet....then I thought hmmmm I haven't had frosted mini wheats in awhile..that is both sweet AND crunchy!!
So I get home and pour out a few mini wheats and soak them in milk *yes I know...not crunchy for long* so I take one bite...chew thoroughly get it good and mushy and swallow. I kid you not...about one minute later it feels as though my pouch has glass shards in it! I felt as though I just swallowed razor blades! I was doubled over in pain for a good 30 minutes...all for one lousy mushy bite of something that didn't even taste very good.
So after the pain went away...I decided to try a couple potato chips...these DID go down well, only they just didn't taste as good as they use to.
Another 15 minutes later I tried a few bites of cake....and needless to say it was soooo sweet that I flew to the bathroom with good ole'  "dumping syndrome" shortly thereafter.

Basically my "cheat meal" was a joke...I ended up hurting myself over crap food that once held a place in my heart. When it was all said and done, I took some anti nausea medicine, threw all of the junk food away and passed out in bed.

Now this morning I feel as though I have a hangover! I seriously feel like crap!

Lesson learned: cheat meals are really not worth it...especially when you can't really find anything you REALLY want. I will stick to Atkins and be a happy girl.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ready to move forward!!!

As stated in a previous post, I was blessed not to gain weight during the holidays...seeing as I wasn't exactly an angel with my halthy low carb eating.
Well, as of last Monday I decided to get serious about losing my last 20 lbs! To assist in 'kick starting' my weightloss, I have opted to do an Atkin's-ish eating regimen. ie: very high protein low carb eating regimen *and by low carb I mean like 20 net carbs a day for 2 weeks* then of course adding 5 good carbs *complex carbs* each week until I reach my goal of 150lbs.
Also, I'm really making an effort to drink more water. I've been averaging 6-7 cups a day...almost the 8-8 oz cups I truly need each day.
Naturally I've started a regular cardio workout schedule for 20 min a day 3 days a week. Next week I'm adding 2 days of weight training in addition to the 3 days of cardio. I figure that if I can ease my way into a routine I'll be more apt to stick with it.
So far I've lost 2 lbs and I am extatic about this!! I've noticed that as I get closer to goal weight, it gets harder to lose even just 1 lb a week!
Also, just found out this week that I've been honored to be a 'testimonial' for the weight loss surgery center where I had my RNY: (click pic to enlarge)

We've had a LOT of cold weather and snow here in Tennessee this week. I can honestly say that I am READY for Spring!!!

Anyhow, that's all I've got for right now. Until next time!