Saturday, August 22, 2009

Minor set backs...

Let's see, where do I begin?


Well, on Thursday I had (what I believe is) a gallbladder attack, while at work.

Had the sharp pain under my rt ribs, got nauseated/pukey, not to mention hot and quite sweaty. And of course, I ate a piece of sausage earlier that morning. I should've known because I've had most of the symptoms...just not at the same time like on Thursday.
So needless to say, I left work around 1:30 (which sucks b/c we were very busy). I don't think I felt so bad that I needed to go to the ER, so I was hoping and praying for an opening at my Dr's office. By the shear grace of God, I got an appointment at 3:30 w/the nurse practitioner.

Okay, I've never had high blood pressure in my life...actually it's been on the low side (anywhere between 90/62 - 110/74) Well on this particular day in which I had some of the worst pain in my life, I shouldn't have been surprised that my BP was 130/98.

Anyhow, upon the NP's assessment she said that I had all of the classic symptoms of gallbladder attack. She ordered some lab work and another gallbladder u/s for friday the 28th. Also she ordered a hida scan (nuclear test in which dye is injected to test for any blockage of the bile ducts).


I get a call from the surgeon's office yesterday asking a few questions before I have my final appointment on Monday. They asked if I had any medical records from a primary care physician from 2004. Ummm I didn't have a primary care physician until 2005. The lady then said that she isn't sure that insurance would cover the surgery because I didn't have 5 years of medical records indicating that I've been trying to lose weight. Ummmm if they want to get that technical, then it will be 5 years in February. Next, she stated that she could not find my psych eval from last year. (i guess it somehow got magically over a years time) Lastly, she needed a copy front and back of my insurance card BEFORE I even step foot in the office.

(Venting time) Okay, it would've been nice if they informed me off all of these things at least on Wed/Thurs so I would have time to get them all of these things. I'm so tired of the stupid insurance-run-around. I know it is necessary, but my gosh this is getting old!

Anyhow, I went to my dad's office and faxed the insurance card (in which they stated that they received) Then I called the doctor I had my psych eval with on Sept 30th of last year (please check back to post Sept 2008) and of course his office is closed on Fridays. So now I cannot have my final appointment until my psych eval gets faxed and received at the surgeon's office.

I am continuing to pray that this will all workout perfectly...I do think I need to work on the whole 'peace' part though.

I was so angry yesterday with the whole insurance requirement stuff that I was seriously thinking of taking out a loan for the surgery after my car is payed off in October. That would be my last resort...if I get denied for surgery...then I will be thinking about taking a loan out. Yes, I am that serious about it!
Any thoughts on this topic??

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last weigh-in!

Wow, so today was my final weigh-in at the doctor's office. To my pleasant surprise, the 5-6 lb I gained ended up only being 4 lb. Also to add into the mix, I think my thyroid is acting up again (shocker). It was last July when my thyroid started 'pooping-out'. How do I know you ask? My hair falls out by the handful, my skin gets nastily dry, I feel like sleeping all the time....etc.

I got a TSH and Free T4 drawn today, and hopefully I will get the results back in a day or two.
****UPDATE- and yes, it is TSH is elevated...Again.... what does this mean? It means the doctor will up my synthroid dose to help level out my thyroid hormones again.


I officially have my FINAL surgeon's appointment as soon as August 24th! Now all of my requirements for surgery are completed (I hope and pray there is nothing else to do).

-Dietary class (complete)

-Support group meetings (complete)

-EGD (complete)

-Psych eval (complete)

-Gallbladder U/S (complete)

-7 months of weigh-ins (complete)

-Letter of necessity from Dr (complete)

-Letter of necessity from me (complete)'s finally coming down to the end !! (YAY!) I pray that the Lord would bless me abundantly, in that all of the needed paperwork/insurance information/requirements are officially finished...oh yeah and that insurance will approve me for surgery.

Now it's time to wait......

Until next time!