Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today is a ONEDERLAND day!!!

Today is yet another milestone in the journey to a new me: I officially weigh 199 lbs!
Cool story time:
I work in an O.R. at a local hospital in which my attire is hospital issued scrubs (scrubs supplied by the hospital) This is a great blessing because 1.) i've lost 91 lbs in 6 months and 2.) one set of scrubs at the uniform store costs around $35 *top and bottom not including lab coat*
Anyways, I started out originally a size 3XL bottom and 2XL top, I am now wearing a size Large top and XL bottoms (in which both are now baggy)

I praise God for my continual improving health everyday!  I praise God that I can literally run around at work without the feeling that my feet will fall off. I am thankful that I can get in my car and actually buckle up my seatbelt without sucking in my gut to do it. I hardly recognize the woman in the's like the real me is finally showing through...AND I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picture update!

Alrighty, so now I am just a little over 5 months postop and as of today I'm down to 207lb!! That is a grand total of 83 lbs!
Been a good girl eating plenty of protein, low carb, taking ALL of my vitamins daily.  I am working on getting more water in daily. I've cut out my tea intake and replaced it with my new favorite drink

Okay, and now for the NEW pictures!

Me presurgery 290 lbs               Me now 207 lb 5 months out

Me presurgery 290 lb                  Me now 207 lb 5 months out