Monday, September 29, 2008

Doctor Visit # 1

So today was my first visit to the surgeon's office and it went rather well!
Aside from the fact that I have a bad case of bronchitis *which makes me a zombie* everything went as planned.

The first person I talked to at the office was the Medical Coder/Insurance lady. She handed me a sheet with a list of things my insurance requires me to do BEFORE I can have the surgery *and have them pay for it* The list is as follows:

EGD (scheduled for Oct. 24th)
 Gallbladder ultrasound (scheduled for Oct. 6th)
 Psych Evaluation (scheduled for Sept. 30th)
 Nutrition Class (finished Sept 17th)
 Letter from PCP detailing your diet and weight history up to 5 years back. Need to know your weights / type of diet / length of time on each diet / failures / successes. Also include list of illnesses and how gastric surgery will help them along. Include doctor’s recommendation and medical clearance to have the surgery.
*** Need documentation of Doctor supervised diet program for 7 consecutive months.
 Attendance in monthly support group meeting (scheduled for Oct. 18th / Nov. 14th & 15th)
 Letter from yourself stating why you need to have bariatric surgery, your willingness to comply with the dietary restrictions necessary after surgery along with the lifelong changes that will be needed.

The only thing I lack here is the needed documentation of doctor supervised diet program for 7 consecutive months. I HAVE done this but my doctor's office has not officially 'documented' for seven consecutive months *or at least I didn't see it in my chart copies*

I am going to my primary care doctor tomorrow to discuss this with her.
*Prayers that the Lord would allow my doctor to supply me with this much needed information tomorrow!*

Next, I met with the surgeon and I must say that I like his demeanor. Good attitude, very knowledgeable and he informed me that he does at least 10 gastric bypasses a week!
He put me at ease with the operation and answered all of my questions had written down.

After meeting with the surgeon I waited as two of the nurses there made me appointments for:
-Gallbladder ultrasound

After leaving the surgeon's office, I went down the road to an outpatient surgery building to pre-register for my EGD I will be having towards the end of the month. This is basically the procedure in which I get put under anesthesia and the doctor puts a scope down my throat to check for dyspepsia *heart burn/ulcers* Thankfully Mom is taking off for the day to drive and be there with me * I love my Momma!!*

Tomorrow is my psych evaluation and my appointment with my pcp about the insurance document needed.

Shew....I've had a long day...
I do believe I am going to take my antibiotics and head to bed.

*I love you all*

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Monday I have my first surgeon's appointment *YAY!!*

They basically check out my health history, ask me tons of questions, and give me the insurance guidelines for prepping of this surgery. So far I have the following finished:

-Dietary class

-Letter of necessity from me

-Letter of necessity from my Doctor

-A years worth of food /diet / exercise journals

I still need the following:


-Sleep apnea test

-Psych eval

Considering I haven't even had my first appointment yet...I'm already ahead of the game!

As I said in earlier posts, I pray that I can have the surgery sometime in late December or January. *prayers that if it is God's will to have this surgery during this time, that it will happen*

I've also joined quite a few support groups online. I've also read a bunch of books showing the good...the bad...and the ugly sides of this surgery.

I am happy to say that I have a pretty good idea of what risks are involved and that I accept them. I look at it this way, I could die in a car wreck anytime...something unavoidable, just as easily as I could die during the surgery *which I hope I do not*

Anyways, I have total peace about everything and I praise God ahead of time for the MANY victories God has in store for me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One down...six more to go!

I went to the dietary class that focused on what is to be my eating regimen before / during / after gastric bypass. It was very informative and I enjoyed myself a lot.

Even after the many books / magazines / websites / support groups I've encountered, I still learned a few very valuable things.

There were people of all ages and different walks of life at the class.

The dietitian that presented did a fabulous job of explaining things for us. She provided us with a packet of her power point presentation and visual examples of what types and sizes of foods we will be able to eat after the surgery.

Basically after the surgery, my stomach will be no bigger than my thumb.

I will be put on a clear liquid diet for a week then advance up to a full liquid diet. My servings will be 1 oz, the size of two dice.

Needless to say, I will be stocking up on some protein powder, sugar free jello and skim milk.

As for the rest of my things 'to do' they are as follows:

-Have my doctor write a letter of necessity for the surgery

-Have an EGD done *I will be asking for versed for sure*

-Sleep apnea test

-2 support groups for bariatric surgery

-Write my letter of necessity as to why I need this surgery

-Psych eval

It's really starting to hit me that I will actually be having this surgery! I am soooo very excited

I have my first surgeon visit on the 29th and I am counting down the days!

I need to bring the following with me to my appointment:

-copies of my medical records from my doctor's office

-food and exercise journals

-all of the current medicine I am taking.

I will now leave you all with some before and after pics of two of my blog buddies:


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The waiting game

The hardest part of this whole journey is the waiting. I know as human beings we want things 'now!!' Instant gratification....well that mindset is what got me in the shape I am now. I pray that God continues to mold me into a patient woman, knowing full well that God will allow things to happen in His time...not mine.

I'm thankful school started back because I was getting very antsy about things surgery related. Insurance approval, doctor appointments, lab tests, psych eval etc.

School has kept me busy for the past 3 weeks and I am thankful for it! As of now I only have 17 days until my appointment at the surgeon's office. I've made a checklist of things to bring with me:

-All of my medicines and vitamins I currently take

-My many food and exercise journals I've kept over the past couple of years

-My gazillion questions I have about the procedure

-The proof of me having a dietary class

-My entire medical record from the last 4 years

I'm sure I've missed a few things, but this is it for the most part.

I was wanting to have the surgery by at least December or January but it seems I might have to wait until February or March.

Anyhow, just wanted to update and let you all know what's going on.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Peace comes to those who wait...

The waiting game is one of the toughest parts of this journey. I have to wait until the end of the month to have my appointment with the surgeon, I have to wait 2 weeks until the dietary class. Oh yeah, and now I will have to find another therapist because the one I wanted to go to is not covered by my insurance. *pout*

What keeps me sane / grounded / peaceful is my heavenly Father. I know that He will have everything workout for good regardless of the circumstances. Waiting is hard at times but it is necessary to my growth in Christ.

In the mean time I have school, my spiritual life, family, friends and work to focus on.

Not to mention studying for nursing boards... :-)