Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WOW...what a week...

So my family and I experienced a tragedy last week, my oldest brother died in an accident...he was only 33 years old. We were devastated...needless to say, the last couple of days have sucked as far as my healthy high protein low carb eating goes.
I promised myself that I would find a different 'outlet' for times like this. Sadly, what I've been doing the past 2 days is emotionally eat...nothing ridiculous, but still eating when I'm not hungry.
I still feel numb from the situation...like my body and mind have been shot full of xylocaine.
Anyhow, I'm thankful that I am realizing the situation and as of RIGHT NOW I will nip this in the bud! No more white carbs...my body cannot handle white carbs, potatoes, sweets, bread, rice nor noodles. The past 3 days I've had half of a slice of bread and today a few bites of cake.
My body is really REALLY hating me right now and I want to get off these last 9 lbs!!!
I am still exercising each day, which I'm thankful for...but I'm definitely not losing any weight.

Shew...how do you all handle stress?? What are some ways to deal with stress in your life that are healthy? I'm thinking reading, blogging, drawing, exercising, sleeping....
Sleep is what I've been deprived of the past week....so my plan is to get to bed early tonight so I can feel better for work tomorrow.

Sorry that this post is a bit of a bummer, but I promise the next one will be better and more cheerful.

Until next time..


Michelle "Shelly" said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.

Susy said...

Oh Amy... Hugs, I'm so sorry for your loss for yourself and your wonderful family. Gosh no words seem fair or right. Sent my prayers to god and thinking of you. For our old habits...just get through, try to recognize it (which you are doing), learn from it and do your best to change it. Some days are easier than others. Were not perfect and we all come with baggage. Hold your head up high and keep doing what your doing. Love ya girl... Hugs!