Thursday, June 9, 2011


So about two weeks ago, I started adding in steel cut rolled oats into my diet.
I figured that A) it's got plenty of fiber and B) I LOVE  a cinnamony cup of oatmeal from time to time.
Well...since then I have added Kashi cereal *aka 35 g CARB* as well as pb crackers *aka 20gCARB*
What is the result of adding these carbs into my diet???  I will tell you...MASSIVE CARB CRAVINGS!
It becomes more and more apparent everyday that I am a carb-junky. I cannot do just a little bit of carbs and be okay. *Carbs meaning any types of flour, wheat, pasta, bread, starchy veggies*
I wish I could be that RNY patient that can eat what they want in moderation...but I'm NOT. My body tends to lean towards the glucose intolerant side. I mean it when I say that I feel like a drug addict when it comes to carbs. Just a little...and it's ALL down hill from there!

Anyhow, to rectify the situation, I have gone through my pantry and gotten rid of all icky carby products.
I did keep a few packs of s.f. oatmeal that only has 15 carbs a serving. If I do get a 'hankering' for carbs and all other backup plans fail....I will make this with half a scoop of protein powder and lots of cinnamon. This will A.) satisfy carb craving and B.) give me around 15 grams of protein. Most oatmeal has 20+ g carbs per serving, so this product is the lesser of the evils. Again...this is last resort only.

Sadly, I have gained 2 lbs in the last two weeks....BUT onward and upward!! *And by upward I am not talking about the weight on the scale!!* LOL
I know what to do now, and I intend to do it!

Does anyone else suffer from carb-sensitivity, like me?

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