Saturday, July 16, 2011

New size!

Okay so I haven't lost any weight lately...but I have lost a few inches. I'm hovering between 156-163lbs, a medium top and as of today here is my new pant size:

Seriously!!! A size 11 JUNIORS!!!   *No...I did not pay full price for them either*
Apparently my Mom as well as a few of my co-workers have complained that all I wear is yoga pants, which is pretty much true. In my defense, yoga pants are comfy, stretchy and breathable. They have been the only pants in which the butt does NOT sag...nor is the waist too tight or too loose. It is so much easier for me to wear the yoga pants as opposed to find a pair of pants that actually fit me.
 Anyhow....during lunch at work the other day, the following commercial came on which my co-workers all looked at me and started laughing saying "This is YOU!"  This is sad...but yes....this is me..enjoy:

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Anonymous said...

I told you you could fit into junior pants and size 11 listen to your mommy love!!!